Back from the Dead

ok ok ok.... my bad! i've been missing for a month now! it was just one of those things in life when one month you find yourself going crazy out of boredom because there just wasnt much to do and suddenly you get caught in this tornado of work, travels and everything else in between.

so yes, ive been on a whirlwind work cycle that in one weeks time, months of work just seemed to have fallen into place. it was rather wonderful seeing everything fall exactly where it needs to be and im just really thankful that it all did.

im also quite happy that ive been in and out of the country but im really too cheap to pay for hotel room internet, so i've really been outta the loop for a while now!

so cheers, it is October! It's my birthday month, so that's something to get all excited about! A year older and perhaps a year wiser! haha I just can't believe its actually October, where on earth has 2010 gone? But it's been a very good year so not complaints here!


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