Flat-Out Celeste

Book: Flat-Out Celeste by Jessica Park 

Synopsis: For high-school senior Celeste Watkins, every day is a brutal test of bravery. And Celeste is scared. Alienated because she’s too smart, her speech too affected, her social skills too far outside the norm, she seems to have no choice but to retreat into isolation. 

But college could set her free, right? If she can make it through this grueling senior year, then maybe. If she can just find that one person to throw her a lifeline, then maybe, just maybe. 
Justin Milano, a college sophomore with his own set of quirks, could be that person to pull her from a world of solitude. To rescue her—that is, if she’ll let him. 
Together, they may work. Together, they may save each other. And together they may also save another couple—two people Celeste knows are absolutely, positively flat-out in love. 

Whether you were charmed by Celeste in Flat-Out Love or are meeting her for the first time, this book is a joyous celebration of differences, about battling private wars that rage in our heads and in our hearts, and—very much so— this is a story about first love. [via Amazon]

Book Notes: I guess this is one of those better late than never posts. Routine has always eluded me, but I am trying to be more habit forming this year. As with any resolution, January seems to be the ultimate highlight of the latest version of ourselves. Well, while we're working on version 2.8, lets see how far I get along once again. 

I still remember reading this third instalment curled up getting a foot massage with my friends and I was trying so hard not to burst out laughing in this very serene spa in the province. I was however, smiling wide toothed, which made them curious as a cat as to what was getting me all giddy.

In true Jessica Park fashion, she managed to weave a beautiful story together that triggered heart felt emotions and attachments for the reader. I really enjoyed how her characters are troubled, yet optimistic. Real but with a strong heart. 

The Amazon synopsis says that you can pretty much jump into the series, but I would highly recommend reading the first two books, so you can fully understand and love Celeste. She is really very interesting, and I think its very important that you must learn to love her in the other books prior to this one to fully grasp her very complex personality. 

Oh and despite Celeste being the protagonist of this book, Matt and Julie are back as well! And I cannot stress enough that reading the first two books would really make this third instalment the icing on the cake!

Book Quotes: 

"My expectations are not high." "Then the odds of your being disappointed just dropped astronomically."

"It was devastating. And it was devastating that she even cared, because her value system was not one that contemplated a woman's happiness being dependent on the presence of a fairy tale love life."

"Never trust an atom. They make up everything."

"in terms of dating, if males are drawn to me for my appearance, they are soon discouraged by my other qualities. Eccentricities, of which I know I have many, do not hold universal sexual and romantic lure. I understand that."

"Why's it called Pinocchio's? Are they all liars?" She smiled. "No. The owners want to be real boys." "Maybe that's just what they told you." He winked. "But you can't trust them because they're lying."

"Love is complicated, that life is complicated. There are hard paths we go down, but there can be determination to survive and thrive in the face of adversity. We make choices."

"That's the thing about music. You get to make it mean whatever you need it to mean."

"Wandering leads one to the church of alpine sheep."

"You tolerated all of my craziness. You made me happy."

"Come to the nerd side. We have Pi."

"Dear Algebra, Stop asking us to find X. She's not coming back."

"I am embarrassed because things that are easy for other people are challenging for me."

"There are battles, some greater than others. But they are worth getting through."

"We can only fix ourselves." He braked at a red light and turned to her. "I was just there to support you while you did that."

"when one is so deeply engaged in joy, all else ceases to exist. Joy, she decided, wins out over everything."

"Oh look! You already packed!" "God, I'm so smart," he muttered.

"I see. Do you have a hangover? Why do they call it a hangover? What is one hanging over?"

"Celeste, you are who you are. Don't be ashamed of yourself. At all. Surround yourself with people who cheer you on. That's all."

"What is perceived as normal. That makes it other people's failings. Deficits. Not yours. Who the hell sets the standards, huh? who gets to say how we are supposed to be? Or who we are supposed to be? And how dare anyone make you feel inadequate for being who you are. It's not okay. It pisses me off."

"Don't stop me from having a Helvetica good time."

"Sometimes you need someone else to believe in you, to carry you, until you can do that yourself."

"You are more capable of being loved than you understand."

"Sometimes you have to make a mess." "And then you clean up."

"Live the life you've dreamed."

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."

Book Rating: 5/5

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