Book: Fractured by Dani Atkins

Synopsis: The night of the accident was a lucky escape... Now, five years on, Rachel's life is perfect. She has a wonderful fiancé, loving family and friends around her, and the career she always wanted. But why can't Rachel shake the memory of a very different life? 
Gripping, romantic and heartbreaking, Fractured is a magical love story that asks: can two different stories lead to the same happy ending? [via Amazon]

Book Notes:

Admittedly this book was not as gripping as the first Dani Atkins book I read. I bought it on the Kindle store because of the amount of positive reviews this book generated. After reading it though, there was just something about this book I could not emotionally connect with. It had a very interesting premise, but it just felt a little lacking.

Book Quotes:

"I guess what you have to ask yourself is how much time and energy you want to spend on looking backwards."

"I fell even more in love with the man I was always destined to be with."

Book Rating: 2/5

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