Breathers: A Zombie's Lament

Book: Breathers: A Zombie's Lament by S.G. Browne


Synopsis: Andy’s life is a mess. A newly risen zombie, he’s forced to live in his parents’ basement, attend Undead Anonymous meetings just to get out of the house, and endure abuse of all kinds from the living. To make matters worse, he can’t even talk, though that’s because his mouth was sewn shut prior to being embalmed. Things begin to look up when Andy meets Rita, a gorgeous zombie who slashed her own wrists and throat; nebbish, vegetarian Tom, whose arm was stolen by a pack of drunken frat boys; and Ray, an undead renegade who introduces the gang to the wonders of eating “breathers.” Some die-hard horror aficionados may find this take on zombies too full of shtick (e.g., the running joke that falls flat by its second appearance), but Browne confidently balances a love story with ample amounts of gore and gags that should win over fans of George Romero (Night of the Living Dead et seq.) and fans of Shaun of the Dead, too. A welcome deviation in zombie lit. [via Amazon]

Book Notes: Definitely a surprisingly charming read! I really dont understand my fascination with zombies, but theres just something about them thats just, well to put simply put it—awesome.

The book lived up to its promise of a zom-rom-com—zombie-romantic-comedy. Andy was a great protagonist, and despite his lack of a fully functioning heart, you couldnt help but feel sentiments for his struggle to be as close to human as it was possible for his poor decomposing self. It was a fun, light read with very entertaining characters and plot twists. I loved the sarcastic tone the novel tends to take. It was truly enjoyable journey as we join Andy and the rest of the Undead Anonymous find their identity and purpose with their 'second life'.

Although i must add that i couldnt properly eat my dinner the night i finished reading this book. I kept thinking of Ray's Resplendent Rapture, and that definitely made me think twice about my meal!

Quotable Quotes:

"She says we need to let go of the past before we can embrace our future. I'm still working on that. Right now, the past is all i have and the future looks about as promising as the new fall lineup on CBS."

"Even Hollywoof couldn't recreat my accident and make it look unstaged. Of course in a movie, the lead actor would somehow manage to walk away from the car with his body intact. Maybe not Mel Gibso or Bruce Willis, but Brad Pitt, definitely."

"Except this isnt life anymore. And its not death, either. Its not even in between. Its more like a bad spin-off from a successful sitcom that the network refuses to cancel."

"You will not disturb the living. You will not be out after curfew. You will not commit necrophilia. You will not covet your neighbour's flesh."

"You'd be amazed at how much formaldehyde you can consume from a single bottle of liquid foundation. Cover Girl is especially nourishing."

"Well its true that getting embalmed can get rid of crow's feet and laugh lines and take fifteen years off your obituary, it can also leave your face as hard and as fake looking as a porn star's breasts. Plus the whole process is pretty invasive."

"Contentment breeds laziness," says Ray. "And someone who tends towards laziness is likely to allow others to tell him what he can and can't do."

"From what ive been told, the shows i appear on get higher ratings than God on Sunday."

Movie News: Diablo Cody set to produce Breathers, Fox Searchlight secures zombie book, scheduled release 2011


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