Every Boy's Got One

Book: Every Boy's Got One by Meg Cabot

"She's on holiday from heave—with the man from hell..."

Synopsis: A day-by-day travel journal intended as a first anniversary present for Jane Harris's best friend, Holly, turns into Jane's rollicking private diary account of the madcap events leading up to Holly and Mark's Italian countryside elopement. The jaded, bitterly divorced Cal makes a worthy opponent to Jane, whose notions of marriage are much more romantic than his. [via Amazon]

Book Notes: It was my first time to pick up a Meg Cabot novel and the moment I started, I just couldn't put it down! The novel was absolutely delightfully hilarious! Not only was it a good laugh, but Cabot was clever enough to tell the story through emails, journals and even passing notes! Perhaps its because of this unconventional manner of reading diaries and PDAs that one quickly relates to the characters as their own friends! The language was simple and very pop, and it was so easy to fall in love with the very quirky Jane!

Quotable Quotes

Why are men—and boys—so weird? I mean they certainly LOOK nice enough, for the most part.

You know I'm starting to think that The Dude might actually be my soul mate. He's everything you want in a man... loyal, trustworthy, attentive, handsome, smart and not afraid of commitment... he even has a good sense of humor. Too bad about the fish breathe though.

*my bad i lost my bb file on my fave lines! when i get the chance to re-read it, ill update this!*


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