Life on the Refrigerator Door

Book: Life on the Refrigerator Door by Alice Kuipers

"A novel in notes"

Synopsis: Claire and her mum share the same house but they live on different planets... While Claire's world revolves around school, shopping and her new boyfriend, Mum is always busy with work, work and more work. But they do have one thing in common: the kitchen fridge. It's where they leave little notes for each other. It's how they keep in touch. Then one day Claire comes home to a note that's different from all the others. And life is never the same again. [Paperback Edition]

Book Notes: I once learned in literature class that brevity is the soul of wit. It takes remarkable talent to get a powerful message across with the least amount of words and this novel is definitely a perfect example. Throughout the book, readers are privy into the relationship of Claire and her Mum through the notes they leave for each other on their refrigerator door. Through the short notes, elements of the characters are revealed through their daily conversations. Definitely realistic, the bubbly teenage qualities of Claire were also revealed by the constant doodles found throughout the book.

With a limited and unconventional format, the author was able to create an emotionally moving story out of the everydayness of something as mundane as refrigerator notes. With the least amount of words, she was able to tell the bittersweet story of two people who knew they were running out of time. it was distinctly moving that I found myself in tears towards the end of the book.

Its a beautiful, simple and powerful book that reminds you to constantly make time for the ones you love.


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