A Hollywood Ending

Book: A Hollywood Ending by Robyn Sisman
"Ever wished life was like the movies...?"

Synopsis: American starlet Paige Carson is off to London to try her hand at Shakespeare, and prove that she deserves more than bimbo roles and Hollywood hunks who can’t see beyond their own reflections. But stage acting is not quite what she expected. Neither is her landlord, Ed Hawkshead, a highfalutin documentary-maker who seems far from the charming, floppy-haired Brit of her daydreams.

Having a spoiled Hollywood brat—even one this attractive—as a tenant is Ed’s worst nightmare. He’s certain he will have to rescue her from trouble and is surprised when the tables are turned and he is the one needing help. Opposites attract as Paige and Ed must revise their assumptions about each other and rise to new challenges professionally. [via Amazon]

Book Notes: Ever wonder what life would be like as an A-list celeb? Kabbalah water stocked and ready to serve with bendy straws, a personal guru to revitalize the positive energy on speed dial, cute boys you get paid to makeout with—the life of a celebrity is definitely a star-studded circus!

I loved how the book was divided into two major parts that allowed you to get to know the protagonist in two totally different aspects—Paige the Hollywood actress and Paige. The LA scene was definitely one crazy ride that you felt like you were caught in the middle of a TMZ episode! it was so fresh, current and pop which made a hilarious page turner! I loved how they were talking about the Golden Raspberry Awards (Razzies) and the Oscars cause it felt so current with all the entertainment media hype for the Oscar's!

the playful banter between Paige and Ed totally brightened the pages and the presence of her rockstar dad and her diva best friend towards climax of the book provided exactly what the book promised—a Hollywood ending.

Quotable Quotes:

"Brazilians are so yesterday," Lola was saying. "Everyone wants personalized designs now—flowers, hearts, a dollar sign, their boyfriend's initials. I knew Laura and Scott were an item way before they went public, when she asked me to shave the Scientology logo into her muff. Boy, was that tricky."

So remember the three Ls: love, language, laughter

"Here you go Cinderella," he said, when she opened her front door to him, and handed her the crystal-heeled shoe she thought she'd lost last night. "At least, I assume it's yours." His grey eyes glinted with mischief. "It says 'Marc Jacobs' inside. Perhaps it belongs to a transvestite?" "Marc Jacobs is a brilliant fashion designer," she told him reprovingly.

Freshly, fried, fresh, flesh

"No. Listen to me. I mean it. You should value yourself a bit more. What you deserve is a beautiful young man, not a half-shot, dotty old poseur like me." She looked back bleakly. Her mouth twisted. "So you say, but where is he?"

"Perhaps you're thinking too hard. Isn't the explanation quite simply that she's ready to fall in love; that she's looking for it even before she meets him?"

What a complicated man he was—one moment open and ardent, the next prickly and unreadable.


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